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I know it’s probably ideal to only post glamorous selfies when you’re on social media…but this pregnant life ya’ll!! Fuzzy purple robes and Oscar the Grouch PJ’s😂 #22WeeksPregnant tomorrow and an appointment with my midwife to check up on how little Coraline is growing. GAHHH! We can’t wait to meet this Gobstopper!🙈 #bemisbump2

It’s funny/not funny how long it takes to complete one simple drawing when you’re a mama😂 After Lucy was born I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and keep up with my drawings and then had a LOT of unnecessary guilt when I couldn’t because she was so small (all time and energy I DID have leftover went to music, which is and forever will be my first hobby/passion/love).
Looking back it was so redonkulous of me!! I was nurturing a friggin’ baby. Now that Lucy’s a toddler I’ve had more time for it, and am enjoying it before Coraline comes…but something I’m NOT going to do this second time around is beat myself up for not having as much time or energy for it with a newborn. I think it’s a pretty typical mom-move to put ridiculous expectations on ourselves and then guilt ourselves when we can’t do it all. While it IS important to make time to do the things you love and that make you feel like “you”, (especially since having a newborn can just make you into a nursing-zombie…albeit a happy one😂)…but I think it’s just as important not to have guilt when you just need to sit on your ass in front of The TV for an hour and a half while the baby sleeps instead of being “productive”. Honestly, one of the most productive things you can EVER do as a mom (no matter how old your babies are), is rest and relax and to let yourself enjoy it so that you can enjoy those sweet sweet sweet babes all the more 😊 So, while I’m currently working on writing the new @eisleyofficial album and may likely be recording it with a newborn stuck to my chest…something I won’t do is guilt myself over not being able to do every-little-single-thing I ‘think’ I should and just enjoy it when I can! Ok, random, unplanned word-vomit done. 💓

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