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Repost from my sisinlaw Jess and little bro Weston who are having a baby too!! We always talked about being pregnant together when we were growing up and I feel so so SO SO blessed I have her to share it with AGAIN!!! (And no my other sisters aren’t pregnant or planning on it right now so don’t ask😆). These two are amazing and I’m so ridiculously thrilled to have another niece or nephew on the way. Is this real life??

It’s legitimately hard to remember to take “selfies” when you’re a mom…Even more so a pregnant mom who feels like she just looks sort of like a bloated codfish so why would I want to document that sh**? 😂 But I love when the people I follow post photos of themselves so I force myself to sneak one in every couple days 😎 Currently I’ve been very casually writing for the next Eisley record. Songwriting is a very fickle and fair-weather-friend a lot of the time and it can be an absolutely beautiful process and it can be an absolutely frustrating one where you end up in tears. But when it does all comes together it is worth everything. When you hit on a song that excites something deep in you and you know it’s going to be special…that is the best feeling in the world for a writer. I love you all, going to sleep now. Sweet dreams xoxo

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