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I keep trying to post this but typo’ing up the digits because my baby woke up and is crawling on me now! 😂😂😂 #10ThingsAboutMe
1. I live in a pink house
2. I never wanted to be anything else but a wife, mom and a singer.
3. I kind of hate reclining in hot baths (It makes me feel claustrophobic). 4. When I was 12 I decided (after reading Narnia) I wanted to have a daughter one day and name her Lucy.
5. I would genuinely like to try skydiving.
6. I’ve never done drugs, tried a cigarette or had premarital sex.
Am I loser for that, cool for that, pious about that? No…just always been “me” about all that. 😜
7. My favorite food is Mint Chocolate 😬
8. When I was 6 we hit a deer with our car one evening. We were fine but it scared me so bad I couldn’t sleep that night. I finally went to my parents room and woke my mom @kimbrtones. She whispered to try laying back down with my sister and tell God everything that I was thankful for…I remember naming everyone in my family, and then going back and whispering that I “ran out of things but I still feel scared”…That’s when she picked me up into bed, snuggled me down between her and my dad and stroked my hair until I fell asleep. I remember thinking that was all I wanted and needed. I remind myself of that feeling whenever my own daughter wakes me up in the night. 😊
9. I love my dreams. If I could remember them all in detail, they could be sci-fi or fantasy films.
(My husband used one of my dream-bits for a new comic he’s writing). 😁
10. Nothing is more important to me than my family. I love them with a violently strong love.

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