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Okay. What the heck. It’s been like, a straight up crappy week. One of those weeks where a hundred small things just add up everyday single day until, by Sunday you’re just ready to light a cartoonish’ly evil-looking bomb 💣, turn around and hurl it backwards into Monday so you can just abolish the whole week. It started with us getting rear ended and just ended (hopefully) with my favorite dress ever being disintegrated in the wash. And no, literally NONE of the 359 annoying/frustrating/tear inducing things that happened this week are even THAT bad, so you feel like a little whiny sh*t for even complaining about them. But it’s so easy to only post about the sunshine-smiles and happy-ho-hum moments that I’m just here to proclaim that…THIS WEEK SUCKED!!! (*it echoes around the mountains like a frikin’ Ricola commercial*) So there…I said it. And now…I kinda feel better. And now…May the fourth be with you (I at least remembered to wear my StarWars shirt for it…even though before the days over it will probably catch on fire or come down with Scurvy or something). *Gives the fingers to this week, let’s out a Aerosmith-style rock-and-roll scream and looks toward Monday*

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