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With the end of our #currentstour wrapping up this weekend I am reflecting on what an amazing experience it’s been to travel, once again, across the country with my family and our munchkins while also playing our music. Is this real life?? Yes. Okay, so it’s not ALL pretty. Being squished into tight quarters with 4 women, 6 dudes and three 1 year old babies can get messy and crowded! It’s like a bumpy traveling MusicalCircus BabyWagon! But it’s very beautiful 😊 Sometimes it’s so overwhelmingly beautiful I don’t even know how to deal with how blessed I feel. I just thank God and hope that someday, when Lucy is grown at my age that she is doing something in her life that brings her heart such unfettered joy and fullness. Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive of Eisley and come to these shows. I just love y’all. We’re headed to start off the TX leg in Houston tomorrow. YEEHAW! More family! More music! And then home sweet home! 💕🏡💕

5 years ago today I married this man. It seems like it was literally yesterday. In the 6 years that I’ve known him, he’s loved me more, challenged me more, inspired and encouraged me more, been there for me and laughed with me and cried with me more than anyone ever has or would. He’s had patience through my impatience and strength though my weakness. He understands me so fully and loves me so wholly. And on top of all that he gave me our beautiful and perfect baby Lucy who is our Heaven on earth and a perfect symbol of love. Watching him be a father to her has been breathtaking. I am truly blessed beyond measure. Here’s to the rest of our lives Max 💕 (photo by the talented @chrisphelps)

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